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Remedial Electrical

Remedial Electrical Services in Auckland

Remedial Electrical Services in Auckland

If the electrics in your home or business are old, faulty, and/or dangerous, our remedial electrical services are the solution. Old electrics are unlikely to conform with modern safety standards, plus all electrical components deteriorate over time.

Our remedial electrical services involve removing old, sub-standard electrical components and replacing them with new, modern, and safe electrics.

As well as making the electrics safe in your home and stopping recurring faults, upgrading the electrics in your home or commercial building will also improve energy efficiency, helping the environment and reducing your electrical bills.

Please contact us today to arrange an assessment of the electrics in your home or business. We’ll investigate the standard of the electrical installation and will advise you on the remedial electrical work that is required. Call 0800 888364 to find out more.

Electrical Upgrades in Auckland

We offer a full range of residential and commercial electrical upgrades. Common remedial services we provide include:

  • Re-wiring, particularly for old wiring that has cotton or rubber-coated cabling
  • Switchboard upgrades
  • Repairing faults that cause fuses to blow regularly
  • Lighting faults and upgrades
  • And more

To discuss the remedial electrical services that you need, and to get a quote for the completion of the work, please contact us on +0800 888364.

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