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Switchboard Upgrades

Switchboard Upgrades in Auckland

Old switchboards were designed for a time when requirements and safety regulations were very different from what they are now. Safety standards have changed significantly over the past decades, plus old switchboards were not made to handle the electrical load the modern New Zealand households require.

At Tech Electrical, we offer switchboard upgrade services to bring the switchboard in your home up to a modern standard. Give us a call today to get a quote.

Upgrading the Switchboard in Your Home

Our team has extensive experience replacing old and bulky switchboards, including switchboards that have ceramic re-wire fuses, with modern, safer, and more attractive alternatives.

The new switchboard we install in your home will have a range of modern features. This includes residual current device (RCD) protection, modern cabling, and circuit breakers. Modern switchboards are more convenient to use too, not least because of their circuit breakers. If a fuse trips, you simply reset it rather than having to re-wire it.

Protect your family and property today with our switchboard upgrade services. contact us to find out more.

Additional Features

You can add additional features to your new switchboard to enhance its performance. This includes installing surge protection to protect your electrical devices or sub-circuit metering to split electrical costs in a property.

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